4 Big Kisses aka "Granat Splitter"

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Big Kisses, or Granat Splitter as they are called in Germany, are a combination of a shortbread cookie base topped with a mix of a German chocolate/rum buttercream and cake crumbs. Finally, the entire "kiss" is covered with semi-sweet chocolate.

Packaged with care in a gourmet gift box, they make great gifts for loved ones, co-workers or customers. All our products are handmade from quality ingredients in small batches to ensure great taste and quality. 
Size: aprox. 2 1/2" W and 3 1/2" H(each)

TIP: Keep refrigerated.
*what is german buttercream you ask? German Buttercreme is made with a German pudding, that we import for that specific purpose, and unsalted butter*


Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Spices, Butter, Eggs, Heavy Creme, Cocoa, Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Aroma

Contains Dairy, Wheat, Eggs


**Fun Fact: Granat Splitter translates to Grenade Debris**

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