Nussecken/Nut corners

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Nussecken is a another classic German pastry with its roots in Franken, Germany. We use a fine vanilla cake and layer it with apricot jam and honey roasted almond slices. Bake it to perfection and dip the corners in Semi-sweet chocolate.

History Tip Bit: From what we were able to discover, it looks like the "Nussecke" dates back to 1763 when it was mentioned first in an official document from the city of Bamberg. However, there is a good possibility that it was invented before that time in Nürnberg during the Polish occupation by master baker Wilhelmus Branntwein. As with many recipes at that time, lacking many ingredients, the original recipe was mainly made with flour and hazelnuts.

1/2 dozen

Ingredients: Almonds, Sugar, Flour, Butter, Margarine, Apricot Jam, Eggs, Vanilla Sugar, Water, Semi-sweet chocolate, Baking Powder

Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Tree nuts(Almonds)


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