Bienenstich / "Bee-Sting" Cake

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Bienenstich Kuchen – or Bee Sting Cake – is a traditional German dessert that is being made from a yeasted dough like a brioche bread. Topped with crunchy, buttery, honey-and-almond topping, and filled with German buttercream, creamy custard filling, Creme Patisserie or plain vanilla pudding.

Ours is filled with a mix of German buttercream, pudding, and heavy cream.

Why the name "Bee-sting" cake?
There are varies stories how the cake got its name. Here are two versions-
The first version is that a bee was attracted to the sweet honey topping. The baker who invented the cake was stung by the bee!
Another source for the name was that a group of German bakers in the 15th century lobbed beehives at raiders from a neighboring village.

9" round cake - serves 8-12

The top of the cake is pre-cut