Set of 6 - Cherry Crumb German Cheesecakes

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These cakes have a buttery almond flour crust topped with German Cheesecake. A layer of tart cherries is nestled into the cheesecake and blanketed with buttery almond crumbs. A fine dust of confectioners sugar completes the ensemble. 

German cheesecake is a little bit lighter than its American cousin. We make the filling with quark(Curd) instead of cream cheese and add Lemon and vanilla which gives the cheesecake a fresh lemony flavor. Finally, we fold meringue into the filling to give it a slightly fluffy consistency.

There are 6 cakes in an order.

These cakes are gluten free.

The total weight is approx.  2 lbs


Ingredients: Curd, unsalted butter, tart cherries, almond flour, sugar, eggs, cornstarch, baking powder, lemon juice, lemon zest, confectioners sugar