Large Marzipan Croissants (6 pack)

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Flaky golden croissants are filled and topped with almond cream and sliced almonds. A delicious morning pastry to go with your favorite beverage. However, these are great for special occasions, buffets, parties, or just any day you want to treat yourself or someone special!

These beautiful croissants are first made with lots of TLC to create all of the incredible buttery layers, and then filled with the most decadent almond cream.

We create a rich nutty almond cream that we generously fill each croissant with. Then we pipe the tops of each sweet butter pastry with more cream. Sliced almonds decorate the tops and they are then baked to a crispy light golden brown, and the cream warm and custardy. Yum!!!


Ingredients: Flour, Milk, Butter, Yeast, Sugar, Almond, Almond Paste, Almond Flavor, Confectionary Sugar

Contains: Tree Nuts, Dairy, Wheat