Nussecken/Nut corners

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Nussecken is a another classic German pastry with its roots in Franken, Germany. We use a fine vanilla cake and layer it with apricot jam and honey roasted almond slices. Bake it to perfection and dip the corners in Semi-sweet chocolate.

History Tip Bit: From what we were able to discover, it looks like the "Nussecke" dates back to 1763 when it was mentioned first in an official document from the city of Bamberg.¬†However, there is a good possibility that it was invented before that time in¬†N√ľrnberg¬†during the Polish occupation¬†by¬†master baker Wilhelmus Branntwein. As with many recipes at that time, lacking many ingredients, the original recipe was mainly made with flour and hazelnuts.

1/2 dozen

Ingredients: Almonds, Sugar, Flour, Butter, Margarine, Apricot Jam, Eggs, Vanilla Sugar, Water, Semi-sweet chocolate, Baking Powder

Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Tree nuts(Almonds)


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