Oma Gisi's Cookie Heart Collection 1 (Box of 30)

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These freshly baked, deliciously handmade cookies feature heart shapes and come in five different types. This package comes with 30 cookies from Oma Gisi's German Bakery. 

Six scrumptious nougat and truffle filled sandwich cookies
Six delicious cookies combined with apricot jam, marzipan, and pistachios
Delectable handmade jelly heart sandwich cookies
Six raspberry glazed cookies, made with real raspberries
Six orange glazed cookies, made with real orange juice
Brand: Oma Gisi
Handmade from quality ingredients in small batches to ensure great taste and quality
Weight: Approximately 28 ounces

TIP: Cookies will stay fresh up to two months if stored in a cookie tin or an empty popcorn tin.


Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, eggs, truffle, raspberry preserve, red currant preserve, tart cherry jelly, pistachios, orange juice, marzipan, chocolate, candied fruit

Contains: Wheat, Eggs