Oma Gisi's Valentine Special (Box of 24)

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2 dozen freshly baked, deliciously hand-made Sandwich Butter Cookies. 

12 are filled with nougat and semi-sweet truffle and 12 are filled with a white chocolate Raspberry Truffle. 

Finally hand dipped in Ghirardelli chocolate and decorated

Packaged with care in a gourmet gift box, they make great gifts for loved ones, co-workers or customers. 
All our cookies are handmade from quality ingredients in small batches to ensure great taste and quality.

TIP: Don't get to eat the cookies right away? Keep them in a cookie tin or an empty popcorn tin, this will keep the cookies fresh for up to two months. Enjoy!
flour, butter, sugar, eggs, aromas, nougat, truffle, chocolate, white chocolate, raspberry aroma, red chocolate